Tuesday, April 14, 2020


It has been a few years since I've had any kind of blog (10yrs+). The last info posted was really about OIS work. That has since been released to other maintainers.

Been an interesting and busy decade: raising two children - as well as a couple dogs (and several fish) - learning guitar, growing professionally, purchasing a house, a few road trips, and mostly enjoying life.

Has also been quite some time since I have contributed anything substantial to Open Source - though, I do make use of many tools, projects, Python/Nuget/NPM/etc modules, frameworks - every single day in my day job. Looking to get back into the area of contributing to Open Source as well as perhaps helping aspiring developers get started.

Looking to start small, for now, as time permits. Am looking to contribute back by writing various software articles on topics that have great interest to me or things that I have had to spend time researching and have a solution for that could save others time (topics such as business software, game dev, automation, python, dotnet core, etc).

With the recent turn in world events - that is both scary and unsettling - both in terms of family and friends' health, as well as everybody else's health - please stay safe out there! But also in terms of the economic health and everybody's financial future. Though, while on lock down in the Golden State, definitely will make full use of the time provided to get back in the game.

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